UNLI Call and Text for P10 - Talk N Text Promos

For only 10 pesos you are entitled to avail the exciting promos of Talk N Text. It is very usable for students that who want to stay connected to their friends and love one. I they are in school, they can text or call their friends immediately. Even to those businessman out there it is a good budget for you. Just imagine only 10 pesos.

That's why I fully organized the all TNT Promos for the easiest way for you to choose what promo you are going to register. I am very happy to shared you this list of the following promos. It is working 100% fine and waiting for you to register.

And here are the list that I said to you. All you have to do is to select the promo you want to register. Mga Katropa register na.

- TRI10 send to 4545 - 50 text to TNT/Smart/SUN, P10, and valid for 1 day.
- U10 send to 4545 - 10 pesos, unli text to TNT and Smart with 1 day validity.
- UTNT send to 4445 - Exclusive for Champion SIM only, unli text to TNT and Smart, 10 pesos and valid for 1 day.
- FB10 send to 211 - 1 day unlimited access on facebook for only P10.
- TOT10 send to 4545 - 20 minutes call or 50 SMS to TNT and Smart.
- GT10 send to 8855 - 10 pesos, 100 text messages, 10 text messages to all network, valid for 1 day.

It is for you Katropa, Tara na for the joy of everyone.