Tracking Internet, Call and Text Promos of Talk N Text and Smart Telecom.

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List of TNT Promos 2014 - 2015 Package

As long period of Talk 'N text promo I organized its promo according to its promo package if it is Text, Call, Call and Text, and Mobile Internet Promos. I thinks it is the best way for you guys to look what Talk 'N text promo you are going to register.

BOOST5 TNT and Smart Promo for only P5

Another promo from TNT and Smart Telecom which is cost only 5 pesos. Aside from Facebook, you can also access Youtube, Instagram, Yahoo Chat, Viber, Skype and other social media sites.

New STICKERTEXT Promo - Smart and Talk N Text Promo

Now, in Talk N Text and Smart you can now send stickers to your KA-TROPA with your message. This promo called STICKERTEXT Promo. You can have fun sending them with funny stickers that corresponds with the emotions of your message to them.

New Talk N Text FREE Text Promo using CHIKKA - TNT and Smart Promo

Do you have zero but you want text your friends? If you running out of load or at zero balance but still you can text your friends and that is FREE of charge. In this promo you are not going to have a registration but to you are going to install CHIKKA Application to your mobile phone.

TNT UTALK20 - 1 Day Unlimited Call - TNT Call Promo

Do you need to call your girlfriend or your crush right now? Don't worry about that, in UTALK20 Promo of Talk N Text your wish will be possible. For as low as 20 pesos of regular load you can have Unlimited calls to TNT and Smart Subscribers which is valid for 1 day with the maximum of 6 Smart/TNT numbers to be called.

Talk N Text FREE Internet Promo – TNT FREE Promo

I’ll availed FREE promo from Talk N Text today, FREE internet promo which you are allow to have unlimited surfing valid for 1 day.  You can chat your friends via Facebook, check your Yahoomail, Gmail Email, and other activity online.

Talk N Text Promo - 5 Pesos only

Do you have 5 pesos balance in your account and want get UNLI? In Talk 'N Text that will be possible, for as low as 5 pesos you can enjoy, text or even Facebook access which value for unlimited. you can continue texting and chatting with your friends wherever you are at anytime.