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List Talk N Text promos: Call, Text, Mobile Internet for only 30 pesos

If you are searching for TNT promos which cost only 30 pesos, you are in the right place. You can now enjoy your 30 pesos budget using the Talk N Text promos listed below. This promo is working 100% sure, it’s because before I write this article I’ll tried first the promo for sure that still working. All you have to do is to select the promo which is good for you, if it is call, text, or mobile internet promo. Your choice is yours!
  • UNLITEXT EXTRA 30 - 3 days Unlimited text plus 15 minutes consumable calls to TNT/Smart. If you are interested to register:>>> [ U30 ]
  • GAANUNLITEXTPLUS30 - Unlimited text plus 30 minutes consumable calls to TNT/Smart, Valid for 2 days. To register:>>> [ GU30 ]
  • Araw-Araw-Load30 - Unlimited text, 30 minutes calls to TNT/Smart plus 0.5 hour mobile internet surfing, valid for 3 days. For registration:>>> [ AL30 ]
  • Patok-O-Tex-30 - 2 days 0.50 call and text rate to TNT/Smart Subscribers. For registration:>>> [ TOT30 ]
  • FLEXI Call and Text 30 - 6 International text or IDD Calls. To register:>>> [ FCT30 ]
  • GaanAll-In-One-30 - 300 text to All-Networks plus 30 minutes calls to TNT/Smart Users good for 2 days of use. For registration:>>> [ GA30 ]
All of the TNT Promos listed above is available to all Talk N Text subscribers nationwide and you are allowed to register anytime as long as you meet the requirements needed to avail the promo.

What are you waiting guys, load to the nearest loading station in your area and register immediately.