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Talk N Text FREE Internet Promo – TNT FREE Promo

I’ll availed FREE promo from Talk N Text today, FREE internet promo which you are allow to have unlimited surfing valid for 1 day.  You can chat your friends via Facebook, check your Yahoomail, Gmail Email, and other activity online.
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How to Register GU15? - Talk N Text Promo

The new exciting promo of Talk N Text that I frequently use, this promo never's fails me when I'll register, only one sending promo process, the confirmation message is automatic replied by TNT. This promo called GaanUnliTxtPlus15, once you are successfully registered, you can enjoy unlimited text plus 15 minutes call to TNT and Smart friends for almost 2 days.

See the registration mechanics and benefits of GU15 Promo.

Registration mechanics and benefits of GU15:
- 15 pesos only
- Unlimited text to TNT/Smart
- Plus 15 minutes call to TNT/Smart
- Valid for 2 days of use
- Just text GU15 to 3545

To use the call of GU15:
- Just dial *3540 + 11 digit TNT/Smart numbers
Just look like this: *354019193592562

Just wait for the confirmation message before using the service to avoid additional charges. Just enjoy the Promo.
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List Talk N Text promos: Call, Text, Mobile Internet for only 30 pesos

If you are searching for TNT promos which cost only 30 pesos, you are in the right place. You can now enjoy your 30 pesos budget using the Talk N Text promos listed below. This promo is working 100% sure, it’s because before I write this article I’ll tried first the promo for sure that still working. All you have to do is to select the promo which is good for you, if it is call, text, or mobile internet promo. Your choice is yours!

  • UNLITEXT EXTRA 30 - 3 days Unlimited text plus 15 minutes consumable calls to TNT/Smart. If you are interested to register:>>> [ U30 ]

  • GAANUNLITEXTPLUS30 - Unlimited text plus 30 minutes consumable calls to TNT/Smart, Valid for 2 days. To register:>>> [ GU30 ]

  • Araw-Araw-Load30 - Unlimited text, 30 minutes calls to TNT/Smart plus 0.5 hour mobile internet surfing, valid for 3 days. For registration:>>> [ AL30 ]

  • Patok-O-Tex-30 - 2 days 0.50 call and text rate to TNT/Smart Subscribers. For registration:>>> [ TOT30 ]

  • FLEXI Call and Text 30 - 6 International text or IDD Calls. To register:>>> [ FCT30 ]

  • GaanAll-In-One-30 - 300 text to All-Networks plus 30 minutes calls to TNT/Smart Users good for 2 days of use. For registration:>>> [ GA30 ]

All of the TNT Promos listed above is available to all Talk N Text subscribers nationwide and you are allowed to register anytime as long as you meet the requirements needed to avail the promo.

What are you waiting guys, load to the nearest loading station in your area and register immediately.
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How to register TP15? - Unli-text, 10mins call plus 50 text to ALL-NETWORKS - TNT Promos

If you are searching on how to register to TP15, you are in the right place. TP15 allows TNT subscriber to avail Unlimited Text, 10 minutes calls to Talk N Text and Smart plus 15 Texts to All-Networks nationwide for only 15 pesos worth or regular load which is valid for 1 day.
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Talk N Text (TNT) Internet Promos

Here are the exciting internet promos of Talk N Text. You can search the web, as well as you can access your social pages like: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkEdIn, and more after the successful registration. Feel free to look your promo below.

  •  FREE-FB  - 7 Days Unlimited Facebook.
  •  PISO-FB  - Php1, 10 minutes of FB access, 1.3BM comsumalbe for 10 minutes.
  •  SAMPLER  - Php1, 5 hours of internet, comsumable for 2 days.
  •  FB2  - Php2, Like, share, comment, and update your status, valid for 1 day.
  •  FB5  - Php5, Unlimited FB valid for 1 day of use.
  •  UNLI-FB  - Php10, Unlimited FB for Java phones, valid for 1 day.
  •  YAHOO-UNLI  - Php15, Unli-yahoo, valid for 1 day.
  •  NXB15  - Php15, Unlimited Browsing for Nokia, valid for 1 day.
  •  ON-20  - Php20, 45MB of data plus 20 SMS to SMART/TNT/SUN, valid for 1 day.
  •  ON-30  - Php30, 75MB of data plus 30 SMS to SMART/TNT/SUN, valid for 1 day.
  •  UNLI-50  - Php50, unlimited mobile internet, valid for 24 hours.

This page will be update for the upcoming Internet Promos of TNT. Just visit frequently!
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Choose your Call, Text, Call and Text, Internet promos - TNT Promos

You can now choose your promo that you are going to register if it is call, Text, Call & Text, Internet promo package by by it corresponding category. Stay up to date the latest promos of TNT, and stay connected to your friends and love ones with the affordable promo of TNT. Just see your promo below!

You gonna be enjoy your day with the exciting promos brought to you by Talk N Text. Just enjoy LANG MGA KATROPA!
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New Unlimited Facebook for Only 5 pesos VALID for 1 DAY – Talk N Text (TNT) Promo

I received a text promo notification from Talk N Text for the latest Unlimited Facebook Promo. For only 5 pesos you can now chat, like, update your status, upload your photos, and share whatever you want. You can enjoy your whole day with your facebook friends, with your funny conversation, hot topics and changing your profile and cover picture with your awesome one.

This promo is open and available to all Talk N Text subscribers nationwide.

Unli-FB registration and benefits: 
- 5 pesos only
- Unlimited Facebook (FB)
- Valid for 1 day of use
- Just text FACEBOOK to 5555

Enjoy-enjoy lang mga katropa! SULIT TALAGA ANG 5 pesos MO DITO!
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TP20 TNT Promo – Unlimited Text, Unli-FB Plus 30min Calls for 2 days – Talk N Text Promo

Good news to all TNT subscribers, I received a new promo notification from Talk N Text, this promo called UnliTxt Plus 20. In this promo you can have Unlimited Texts plus 30 minutes call to Smart/TNT/Sun Users Subscribers not only that you can also access you Facebook good for 2 days. You can share, update your status, chat your friends and upload photos.

Here what I received from Talk N Text. You can also share this information to your friends to let them know and avail the promo.

Mechanics and requirements to avail the promo:
- 20 pesos only
- Unlimited Texts to Smart/TNT/Sun Users
- Plus 30 minutes calls to Smart/TNT/Sun Users
- Unlimited FB
- Valid for 2 days
- Just Text TP20 to 4545

To Call: simply dial *2477 + 11 digit TNT or Smart Number
just look like this: *247709093592562

Just wait for the confirmation message on how to use the call, I suggest to save the confirmation message for some future use. Just enjoy!
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New FREE Facebook for 7 Days and Text to ALL-NETWORKS - Talk N Text Promo

I bought a new Talk N Text SIM Card yesterday in the nearest store here in my place, I got a Free FB that I'm using right now. I want to share this information to all of you guys, if want to buy a new SIM, dapat TNT nalang para may Free FB ka at Text to all-Networks.

 If you buy a NEW Talk N Text SIM you can have 25 text to all Netwoks and FREE Facebook for 7 days.

To get you Free Unlimited Facebook, simply text PANALOFB then send it to 4545.

Make sure that your GPRS/SMS/G3 is already activated to use the service, if not, you can activate your SIM:>>> TNT/Smart GPRS/SMS/3G Activation.
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Php20.00 only – Talk N Text Calls, Texts, Internet Promos

Good day to all TNT Subscribers out there. You are looking for Talk N Text Call, Text, and Internet Promos that only worth P20.00 only? Here you can found what you are looking for. TNT provides convenient and ready to use anytime, these promos are available and ready to serve you 24/7 as you need.

The affordable promos of Talk N Text the meets your satisfaction in terms of Call, Text, and Internet or mobile internet use. The promos listed here are still working since 2012 up to this year. For that you can sure that your effort to search and for registration will never worthless.

Here are the lists of TNT promos worth P20.00:

  • UnliTalk&Text20 – Unlimited call and text to TNT/Smart for only Php20.00. If you want to register: >>> [ T20
  • UnliTextPlus20 – Unlimited text plus call and unlimited Facebook, Php20.00 only. If you want to register: >>> [ TP20
  • GaanTxt20 – 200 texts to All-Networks valid for 2 days, only 20 pesos. If you want to register: >>> [ GT20
  • UnliTxt2ALL20 – 2 days unlimited text to All-Networks for as low as 20.00 pesos only. To register: >>> [ UA20 
  • UnliTrioPlus20 – Unlimited text plus 20 mins. Call for only Php20.00. To register: >>> [ TRI20
  • Gaan-All-In-One-20 – 200 texts to All-Networks plus 20 minutes call for only 20.00 pesos. To register: >>> [ GA20
  • Patok-O-Text-20 - 20 pesos only, .50 cents call and text rate, valid for 1 day. If you want to register:>>> [ TOT20  

You can register anytime but be sure that you meet the requirements needed to validate your registration. These promos are open to all TNT subscribers nationwide.
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The LATEST TNT Promos that you are looking for, you can select your own choice!


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