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UNLI Call and Text for P10 - Talk N Text Promos

For only 10 pesos you are entitled to avail the exciting promos of Talk N Text. It is very usable for students that who want to stay connected to their friends and love one. I they are in school, they can text or call their friends immediately. Even to those businessman out there it is a good budget for you. Just imagine only 10 pesos.

That's why I fully organized the all TNT Promos for the easiest way for you to choose what promo you are going to register. I am very happy to shared you this list of the following promos. It is working 100% fine and waiting for you to register.

And here are the list that I said to you. All you have to do is to select the promo you want to register. Mga Katropa register na.

- TRI10 send to 4545 - 50 text to TNT/Smart/SUN, P10, and valid for 1 day.
- U10 send to 4545 - 10 pesos, unli text to TNT and Smart with 1 day validity.
- UTNT send to 4445 - Exclusive for Champion SIM only, unli text to TNT and Smart, 10 pesos and valid for 1 day.
- FB10 send to 211 - 1 day unlimited access on facebook for only P10.
- TOT10 send to 4545 - 20 minutes call or 50 SMS to TNT and Smart.
- GT10 send to 8855 - 10 pesos, 100 text messages, 10 text messages to all network, valid for 1 day.

It is for you Katropa, Tara na for the joy of everyone.
To all Talk N Text subscribers, if you have relatives, love ones and friends that are using SUN or Smart Buddy Mobile Network operator, you can share them the exciting promos of SUN or Smart Buddy.

If you are SUN user just visit:>>> SUN Unlimited Promos
If you are Smart Buddy Subscriber user just visit:>>> Smart Unlimited Promos