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Talk 'N Text Call Promo: How to register KATOK15, KATOK10 to 3533?

The KATOK Talk 'N Text Call Promo was back, it was KATOK15 and KATOK10. for the registration for KATOK15 so you have 1 day unlimited 3-ways call with your Talk 'N Text Callmate. You can call and registered 2 Talk 'N Text Callmate valid for 1 day. And KATOK10 which having a 1 day unlimited 2-ways call valid for 24 hours. 

The mechanics for registration is that type KATOK10 to your write message and send it to 3533, same also for KATOK10 registration. And to call you just dial *3533 + 11 digits Talk 'N Text Callmate numbers and enjoy calling.

That Talk 'N Text Call promo I used today to call my mother, thanks Talk 'N Text Call promo. You can also visit Talk 'N Text Call and Text Promos.

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